Where to Go


Medium Priority Tasking: This is a precautionary search due to AI indications of a potential problem for an elderly man.


Helpful Location Hints

Datapoint Relevance
High Humidity The humidity is relatively high, so check near bathrooms, water fountains, and cleaning closets.
Lower Air Pressure The air pressure last recording is slightly lower than lake level for Toronto, so it is estimated that he is located on the 2nd or 3rd floor.
Probably lying on ground. A person lying on the ground is typically cause for concern, so it is probable that Tony is out of sight.
Low Accelerometer Data Little movement is being detected from Tony, so it is quite possible that he cannot respond. Search accordingly.

Person to Look For


Tony Marks

Age: 71 Height: 5 foot 9

Languages: English and Dutch

Hometown: Scarborough

Emergency Contact: Daughter Emily, who lives in Calgary. 1-403-273-7373

Reason for Investigation: Suspected of falling and not getting up. Sensors indicate a 20% probability of a loss of conciousness. Escalates to priority in 10 minutes if nothing changes.

Summon Help

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